University Marketing Platform

Evaluation and implementation of a marketing platform for universities




The subject of the work presented here is the development of an online platform that unites all study programmes, colleges, and universities in Europe on a single platform. This platform allows visitors to effortlessly search for and evaluate different study programmes and universities based on a range of criteria. Universities, in turn, can use the platform to strategically promote their offerings, ultimately increasing their visibility and attracting a wider range of students. To facilitate the platform's goals, special emphasis was placed on search engine optimisation, dynamic content integration and automated content updates. The use of Next.js for website development and Node.js for backend functionality was key to achieving the desired results. In addition, an algorithm was developed to evaluate and rank the universities' social media profiles. The algorithm used a comprehensive set of criteria to provide a thorough analysis of the universities' social media efforts. Its foundation is based on the algorithms discussed in the research papers "Market, Society, and Education - University Marketing" (Kloppenburg, 2012) and "Evaluation and implementation of university social media ratings for a corporate website" (Schuler, 2022). By combining website analysis, social media evaluation, and other resources, the platform provides a comprehensive resource for prospective students and academic institutions alike. The successful development and implementation of this online platform represents a significant step towards streamlining the education landscape in Europe. By centralising study programmes, colleges, and universities, and providing advanced evaluation tools, the platform empowers students to make informed choices while assisting academic institutions to effectively promote their courses.


The documentation of the work can be found here (German).